Session: Innovative Echocardiography Technology

  1. Myocardial strain imaging
  2. Integration of artificial intelligence (AI)
  3. Adoption of 3D cardiac ultrasound systems for daily exams
  4. Use of advanced 3D echo in structural heart pre-procedural planning and  to guide procedures in the interventional lab                                                                           Advocates of AI in echocardiography, suggest that the growing application of AI-based technology can decrease inter-operator variability, improve diagnostic accuracy through decision support and automation of various steps in image analysis and improve access to high quality echocardiographic diagnosis. However the value of AI in this setting remains to be demonstrated and many technologically savvy practitioners remain skeptical of both the technical promises and the possibility of any benefits reaching the bedside on a wide scale, given the costs typically associated with such technologies.

This session aims to present recent advancements related to the use of myocardial strain, 3D cardiac US and  AI-based software for echocardiography and critically evaluate the potential benefits and hazards of these technologies.


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